The App Rap: Weatherbug
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By Eric Pawlakos
Price: Free
(For iPhone, iTouch, Android, and Blackberries)

A phone app that can give you current weather forecasts, in real time, can be a very useful tool. Especially when it gives a forecast not only for your specific area, but also for any city that you enter. The most popular weather app that does this is WeatherBug, a free application that works on most every platform. One of the most attractive features of WeatherBug is the accuracy of its weather data. Because WeatherBug has access to over 8,000 weather stations in the U.S., it is able to give supply the most accurate updated weather relative to the user’s current location or any location in the U.S. In addition, this application gives accurate hourly and 7-day forecasts. Gavin Schag, a senior at Acalanes said, “WeatherBug is a great way to stay updated on the weather if you don’t want to waste time watching the Weather Channel on T.V.”

Whether you want local weather information or that of another city, WeatherBug quickly displays a lot of useful information including temperature, the current day’s forecast, an option to view a 7-day forecast, wind speed and direction, the dew point, and humidity. It also displays detailed radar and maps as well as any NWS weather alerts. Having the option to view the day’s entire forecast, or viewing the forecast by the hour, can be especially useful during vacations if one is unfamiliar with the climate and is planning a day trip. Douglas McKinley, a senior at Miramonte found WeatherBug to be, “highly accurate and very convenient for weather updates no matter where you are.”

Eric Pawlakos is a junior at Miramonte High School. When not at school he can be found playing rugby with Lamorinda Rugby, or learning guitar.

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