Thrifty Under Thirty
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By Heather Brittany
Let's face it. Budgets are tight right now. With gas prices spiraling towards $4, a shopping spree or a night out is costly. What is a quarter- lifer to do without breaking an already bare bank account?

Simple. Coupons! Before you accuse me of being cheap or old-fashioned, consider tapping into coupons as a worthwhile source of saving big bucks. Our generation has been weaned on computers, so use your internet savvy to register for GROUPON, an online center boasting bargains. Although the site is national, select "California" then "San Francisco East Bay" to find great discounts on food, services, and entertainment. Check out "The Deals" at for a growing list of shops, entertainment, dining, travel, fitness, and for FREE printable grocery coupons, visit

Another great spot for savings is right here in the Lamorinda Weekly.Indulge in offers from local vendors. Delivered to your mailbox, flip through coupon books and mailers filled with new places to discover. I recently used a coupon to get my hair styled at Bobbie Freitas Salon in Lafayette. Not only did I love the cut and the friendly staff, but, with the money I saved, I was able to tip my hairstylist extra, then head over to my favorite Orinda café, Geppettos, where I used another coupon for a frothy beverage, and on my return to Moraga, I stopped by McCaulou's for a birthday gift, redeeming a $10 off purchase certificate!

Stores are happy to see you using their coupons as you are bringing them business while boosting the economy. Their goal is to entice you to have such a great experience that you'll become a repeat customer and tell your friends, which is exactly what I did.

Whenever you need a little retail therapy or a night out on the town, save gas, time, anddollars by perusing the net, the mailers, and the newspaper. Your wallet will thank you.

Heather Brittany grew up in Lamorinda and lives in San Diego working as a health care professional, radio personality, and creator of Karmony Kollections.™.

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