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By Arianna Tong: June 2011
Every month hundreds of teens gather at Moraga’s New Rheem Theater to attend the recently established Rheem Dances. The celebrity DJ’s who conceived of and produce these events are Voni and Crank who have a dedicated following in the San Francisco Bay Area. “We traveled to Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Monica, and Hollywood, but no matter where we went, this area is our favorite,” Crank explained in an interview.

Although the dances attract teens from all over the bay area, the majority of the attendees are from Lamorinda. Ryan Childers from Orinda loves the Rheem Dances. “These dances are the best thing that happened to Lamorinda. I like how the DJ’s pump energy into the crowd and bring the party to life.” Local resident Aaron Sisneros agrees. “The dances are awesome. ‘Freak Show’ was a lot of fun. I like to dance.

Rumors have circulated about drug and alcohol usage at these popular venues, however, management and the DJ’s firmly state their zero tolerance policy. Security is strict and every person is carefully checked before admittance.

“Instead of kids going out to an unsafe party with tons of drugs and alcohol, we want to provide a safe environment where kids are monitored by professional adult security for their personal safety. They can have fun dancing and socializing. It’d be easy for us to offer eighteen and older events only, but we want to give back to the community by providing these dances for the teens.” Crank says proudly.

The dances have successfully impacted the Rheem Theater business model. “Of all our events that we host here, I have to say that the Rheem Dances are the most popular, “ assistant manager Darren Thomas explains. “We offer many different venues, with the Rheem Dances attracting the most people.”

From the teen perspective, these dances are an excellent way to spend a Friday or Saturday night getting together, meeting new people, and of course, dancing. “I think the dances are a lot of fun. The music is great,” local high school student, Jazmine Derouen commented.

The Rheem Dances are theme based with subjects like Jungle Fever, Blast from the Past and Cinco de Mayo, giving the teenagers the opportunity to dress up and express their creativity.

The next dance party Voni and Crank have scheduled is called Summer Bash 2011 to be held on Saturday, June 18th. Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and grab your dancing shoes, as this will be a party you won’t want to miss!

Arianna Tong is a freshman at Miramonte High school. She likes to swim, play water polo, and, of course, dance.

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