empowering women, families and youth-at-risk through improved literacy and positive media
Volunteers are the Stars!   
Be the Star You Are!® operates with 100% volunteers. Positions are open for individuals who are truly dedicated to getting involved and making a difference.  Community service credits are available. We help our volunteers succeed. Read!
To become a Be the Star You Are!® volunteer, check out our listings at Volunteer Match.

We are in need of dedicated individuals for these Volunteer Positions. Please email us your interests and qualifications. A questionnaire will be sent to you upon request.  You must be willing to work with us for at least one full year. The majority of our volunteer positions are virtual and can be performed from your home or office.

Publicist-write press releases, contact the media, and shine the spotlight on Be the Star You Are!®

Fundraiser-organize a fundraising campaign, work with a committee to garner donations in a variety of ways

Special Event Coordinator-collaborate with businesses, organizations, or companies to make us the beneficiary of a special event. 

Radio Sales Executive-find sponsors for our radio program

Social Networking Leader-create a system for showcasing our programs, volunteers, and services

Online Radio Show Assistant-responsible for uploading our programs to numerous podcasting sites

Grant Writer/Researcher-research new sources of income and draft compelling grants.

Resource Distribution Coordinator: Oversee the Give a Case program, including Operations Disaster Relief, seek the $99 donations, identify the charities that need our assistance, and arrange for the book packaging and distribution.

Book and Literacy Event Agent: Find venues that are seeking speakers for a fee and arrange for a lecture and book signing.

Donation Director: An outgoing, personality plus personna with connections who will contact companies, individuals, and businesses with the intent of donating and sponsoring.​​

Spread the Word
We are seeking individuals to be part of our social networking team.Occasionally we'll send you blurbs to post to your social networking sites. Please email us  to tell us what social networking sites you belong to and how you will help us spread the words of literacy and positive media.

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