Teen Aspirations Impact on the World
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By Lucy Protnoff
Artist, celebrity party planner, engineer, President of the United States--the sky’s the limit for a teenager’s future! When progressing through the journey of high school, teens begin to think about their plans for their careers and later lives.

While on a track to fulfill the task of finding the perfect job, many are faced with the realization that their hopes may not be entirely feasible. Certain limits such as availability of money and talent in an area of expertise may make it difficult to attain their dream job.

But supposing those limits were to be cast aside--if nothing could hold these teenagers back, what are they capable of achieving? History suggests that it is the spark of inspiration that young people bring to their work that enables them to see where others cannot.

Because teens do not have experience in their field of study, adolescents often see only what could go right as opposed to what has gone wrong in the past. They know only enough to have curiosity to engage them in their work. Without previous failures, discouragement is rare as they bring a fresh point of view and outlook.
Teens have an advantage because they are at the point of their life where they don’t have the obligations that adults do. Since most do not have to worry about being self-supportive, they are allowed to pursue their interests without thinking about the practicalities of everyday life. Teens are free to experiment with ideas to effectively contribute to society.

Acalanes High School freshman Sarah Taketa found her passion in cosmology, a branch of physics. With dreams of becoming a leading physicist and professor at Cambridge University, Taketa studies with the extreme dedication that has led so many before her to success.

“I want to be a physicist, probably a cosmologist, when I get a job because I love learning about physics--I absolutely adore discovering new, mind-bending things about the world around me, and an entire career dedicated to learning these things sounds amazing,” she says.

​​While hard work, dedication, and intellect will play a role in her path to attaining her dream job, it is Taketa’s enthusiasm and resistance to limits that will take her far. “It doesn’t sound like a job to me--it sounds like doing something I love.”

This statement clearly reflects the fresh perspectives that passionate people bring to the workplace as the key to unlocking new discoveries. This constant infusion of new ideas by the younger generation will further advance the base of knowledge, in physics and indeed all disciplines.
Without limits, the achievements of teens is infinite.

Lucy Portnoff is a 9th grader and a member of Club BTSYA. She enjoys music and art and is pat of the speaking and mock trial programs.​​

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