Storms Affect Teens
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By Konnie Guo, 2012
While all residents of Lamorinda were hit hard by the storm of a few weeks ago, teens were especially affected by the heavy rain and strong wind. Widespread power outages left many unable to complete their schoolwork and many unable to get to school.

Samuel Shain, a student at Miramonte High School, experienced unfortunate consequences from the rain. He says, “Our house sprung about four different leaks. The walls were peeling, and mud was coming in. The damage is enormous and is going to be very expensive.”

Rain also created low visibility, slowing down traffic and covering the area in muddy puddles. As a result, many teens had to rise earlier in the morning to go to school, (not the normal routine for most adolescents) despite the dark weather. The slippery state of the roads required careful navigation when driving. Streets were damaged in both Orinda and Lafayette as large sinkholes restricted vehicles to one lane. Some students couldn’t make it to class because of the incessant downpour and flooding.

However, there were some who actually enjoyed the rain. Fifteen-year-old Alexa Clark says, “I got to curl up in a blanket and watch Christmas movies. It was fun!” Clark was glad that staying indoors gave her more time to connect and bond with her family.

Now that we have a break in the weather, it’s a good time to repair the damages, talk stalk of what we need to do to prepare for other storms, and make arrangements for food, warmth, and light so that we can continue our studies despite a power outage during the winter months.

Konnie Guo, a Club BTSYA, is currently a sophomore at Miramonte High School in Orinda. She is an avid reader, and during her spare time, enjoys playing the piano and doing volunteer work.

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