The App Rap: Pandora
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By Eric Pawlakos
App: Pandora, by Pandora Media Incorporated
For: All smart phones
Price: Free

Would you love to have your own personalized music station?

One of the best ways to discover new songs or artists with a specific style of music is to use Pandora radio on your iPhone or Android phone. You sign up for this free app with your email and choose a password for easy access. With Pandora, each time you input the names of your favorite songs, artists, comedians, or composers, Pandora searches for others that are similar in style or genre. A separate station is created specifically for you for that particular style of music or genre of comedy and you are allowed to design up to 100 different stations. You can add an artist or multiple artists and songs for a broader variety of recommendations.
When a new song airs, you have the opportunity to "like," "dislike," or "skip" it. If you like it or dislike it, your playlist will be tailored to your specifications even more. If you skip it, then the song simply changes without affecting your playlist-but keep in mind that you are allowed only a limited number of skips per day.

Whether you log in from your computer or your smart phone, all of your stations are saved and uploaded. Another useful feature is the ability to download a favorite song that you've heard and liked at a later date.

For music and comedy buffs, it doesn't get much better than Pandora; it's a free ticket to personal performances.

Eric Pawlakos is a senior at Miramonte High School and on-air reporter for the teen radio program, Express Yourself!(tm)

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