Guidelines:Creative Writing, Art, Music, Photos, & Video 
empowering women, families, and youth-at-risk through improved literacy, increased positive media, and tools for living.
1. All submissions must include your full name, address, email, and phone number

2. Formats for writing include Word documents or PDF.

3. Word count not to exceed 500 words plus a title.

4. All genres are accepted for writing, both fiction and non-fiction. All submissions must have a positive, life-affirming, and up-lifting focus. We will NOT accept or tolerate any vulgarity, pornography, violence, or abusive imagery.

5. Art, photography, music, and videos must abide by the same rules as writing-no vulgarity, pornography, graphic violence, or inappropriate images.

6. Formats for art and photography are JPG or TIFF at 72 dpi, 6” x 8”. Please keep a higher resolution of 300dpi in the largest size possible. If we need it for licensing, we’ll contact you.

7. Format for music is an MP3 file

8. Format for videos is the link to your YOUTUBE file.

9. Optional-you may include a 30 word bio about yourself and a small 2 x3 inch jpg of your self at 72 dpi.

10. Make sure to read the General Guidelines before you Submit.

All works are owned and copyright and/or trademark protected by Be the Star You Are!® 501c3 charity and/or the artists. All rights reserved.