Local Faire Brings Teens & Community Together
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By Linda Lan Phung
The sixth annual Moraga Community Faire took place at the Rheem Valley Shopping Center on May 12. With the sunny weather and welcoming atmosphere, families, adults, and teenagers of all ages flocked to the shopping center for a day of play.

The classic car show was a highlight. Both vintage and modern cars were displayed, from a snug 1928 Ford Model A to a sleek 2011 Chevy Corvette. Faire goers were encouraged to examine the designs and engines of the cars, and some were allowed to sit in the driver’s seat.

“The car show always captures my interest because I love seeing how the different vintage designs differ from our cars nowadays,” said Campolindo junior Nora Mohamed. Along with the car show, there were rows of booths sponsored by local stores, companies, and organizations. Three popular booths that I enjoyed were Moraga Royale, the Lafayette Pet Shoppe, and Be the Star You Are!® (BTSYA) charity.

Both the Moraga Royale and Lafayette Pet Shoppe booths attracted young kids; Moraga Royale with free snow cones and the Lafayette Pet Shoppe with pets on display. BTSYA enticed the young crowd with live radio interviews and music jams on the #1 teen program, Express Yourself!™ plus artsy crafts and books for sale.

Teenagers also volunteered to help run and advertise area booths. High school freshman Zerina Mehmedovic remarked, “I’m volunteering for the organization Parents for a Safer Environment. This Faire is a good experience for me as I can have a good time and improve my speaking skills.

While many teenagers worked in booths, other teenagers saw the Moraga Faire as an opportunity to relax. Campolindo junior Jiwon Lee smiled when she said, “I’m having fun, meeting people, and hanging out with kids.” Campolindo freshman Andrea Lucacher noted, “With the music playing in the background, as I walked around looking at all of the informational booths, I felt a huge sense of community.” The Faire strengthens the bonds between local businesses and the residents.

The Moraga Faire provided numerous attractions, opportunities, and activities for all ages. Teenagers are encouraged to check out the creative booths and enjoy the fun next year to experience community.

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Linda Lan Phung is a Miramonte High School sophomore who volunteers throughout the East Bay and
strives for 17-second miracles, inspired by author Jason Wright.

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