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The #1 Most Listened Radio Program on the Voice America Network​

​​​Hosted by Asya Gonzalez and Teen co-hosts with the STAR On-Air Teen Reporters

​Express Yourself!™TEEN Radio Show
-An on-air global community where Teens Talk & the World Listens!"

Express Yourself!™ is a radio program where passion, productivity, and possibility populate the airwaves. 

Hosted by teen Asya Gonzalez with weekly STAR teen co-hosts plus a STAR on-air team of teenage contributors and reporters from around the USA, Express Yourself!™ is THE destination for teens to be heard and have their creativity promoted. Within the walls of the young adult community, listeners will be uplifted, encouraged, and supported to be the stars of their own lives. Through connections, collaborations, conversations, and conflicts, a global campus of young people unite to express their viewpoints. 

Topics include books, music, making a difference, technology,​ ​school, ​art, writing, volunteering, films, family, friends, foes, fashion, and fun. Come play on our STAR campus and Express Yourself!™

Produced by Cynthia Brian of  
Starstyle® Productions, LLC and under the auspices of Be the Star You Are!® charity, the radio program, Express Yourself!™ is a show for, by, and about teens. ​​

"THANK YOU! I'm very grateful for your words of encouragement and for the experience I'm gaining in broadcast journalism, at just 16-years-old. I'm excited to see what the future holds. Again thanks for the support - I'm lucky to have a mentor like you!" Katelyn Darrow, Reporter

Interested in being a reporter? Contact Producer, Cynthia Brian

Broadcasting Weekly since 2011         Read about our 3rd AnniversaryPress Pass Honors 3rd Anniversary

​​Where Aired
: Voice America Kids Network  Tuesdays at NOON PT/3pm ET    Listen at ITUNES

Guest Profile: Celebrities, experts and tenacious teens are showcased in ten minute interviews each week plus news from our field reporters.

Email: btsyateenradio@gmail.com

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Website:At StarStyle® Radio
At Voice America 

Phone: 925-377-STAR (7827)

Web and Schedules

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Field Reporters: 
Youngjoo Ahn: Artsy Gifts
Courtney Cheng: Book It!
Nicole Eubanks: Health Beat​
Rachel Glass: Making a Difference!
Vivien Lee: Say What?
Chan Dara Paschall: Tough Talk​
Eric Pawlakos: App Rap
Jacqueline Tao: Campus Calling
Courtney Tran: Jingle Junkie​
Mason Windatt: On the Ball​
Ryan Sim: ​Global Youth Talk
Caie Kelley: What's Poppin'?
Katelyn Darrow: The Gift of Giving​​ 
Clare Durant: Dump 'em or Date 'Em
Tanner O'Dell: Live to Eat!​
Izzy Fasheh: An Artist a Week
Alex Pawlakos: Tune in to Economics​
Hannah Li: Fashion Forward​
Isaiah Rankin: Nature Calls
Jane Fessenden: Nerd Word​
Alex Lee: #Hashtags​
Jennifer Lee: Backstory​
Asya Gonzalez: Social Responsibility
Sara Trail: Think Green​
Hart Main: Play Ball​
Caiseen Kelley: Techie Talk​
Henna Hundal: Health with Henna​
Zahra Hasanain: Hope Heals​
Sam Casey: Games Boys
Brigette Jia: Art Attack​
Maria Wong: Book Smart
Katie Lyons: Lion Roars
Katie Choo: Aim to Shoot
Joven Hundal: World Watch
Chelsea Pelchat: Past Present
Seo Young Kim: Music Magic

Former Hosts: Youngjoo Ahm Administrator:  Steven Zhou   Henna Hundal with producer, Cynthia Brian
Original Reporters-Steven, Courtney, Rachel, Vivien, Eric​​, Chan Dara, & Jacqueline
Original Theme Song, Express Yourself!™
Written: Steven Zhou (with help from Courtney Tran)
Vocals: Courtney Tran
Guitar & Synth: Steven Zhou
Producer: Steven Zhou

Short PSA for Express Yourself!™
Steven Zhou explains why teens need to express themselves.

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