The App Rap: Cab4Me
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By Alex Pawlakos
App: Cab4Me Taxi Finder, by Skycoders
For: All smartphones
Price: Free

The need to find a taxi cab can arise at any time. Whether you are on an out-of-town business trip or out with friends and need your own ride home, Cab4Me can help you quickly find a local cab to take you where you need to go. This very useful app takes advantage of your smartphone’s built-in GPS to locate where you.

​​It then quickly displays a list of the available taxi cab companies in the area, as well as locations of taxi-stands. The hand-picked database focuses on the bigger, more reliable cab companies that are not only safe, but dependable. If by some chance there is nothing in Cab4Me’s database for the area you are located, it does a quick internet search to give you web results.

​​There is additional information available for all the local taxi cabs, including contact details, special services offered, the types of cars that are available, and accepted payment methods. Conveniently, you can call the cab company directly from the app. An additional useful feature is the fare calculator. Input where you want to go and it calculates your estimated fare.

​Cab4Me is practical app for your smartphone anytime you need transportation.

Alex Pawlakos enjoys biking, weightlifting, and tutoring in his spare time.

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