The App Rap: Lookout Security
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By Eric Pawlakos
Lookout Security and Antivirus
Developer: Lookout Mobile Security
For: iPhones and Androids
Cost: FREE (or premium version for $29.99 per year)

For the smart phone user, new apps are available almost daily. New apps mean more ways to utilize and enjoy your phone. Phones have become our multi-use, indispensable accessory for making and receiving calls as well as storing imperative personal information relating to banking, emergencies, credit cards, health care and children, plus detailed calendar and personal data.
What if you lost your phone and someone with malevolent intent found it?
Recognizing this possibility, the creators of Lookout Security and Antivirus developed a defensive app with the theme "Mobile Security Made Simple."
The Lookout Security and Antivirus is a free app that protects your data while providing anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware protection. You also receive contact backup, data restoration, and the impressive missing device feature to locate your phone.
The premium version offers more features at a price of $2.99 a month or $29.99 for the year with a subscription that can be cancelled at anytime. This version blocks phishing and malicious websites, protects your privacy with privacy advisor, backs up photos and call history, and gives you the ability to remote wipe and lock the phone.
For a smartphone user who mainly has contacts and apps on their phone I would recommend the free version. However, if your smartphone has highly critical information for personal or business use then the premium version is worth the upgrade price.
Getting Lookout Security and Antivirus installed is a very easy process. After the download you need about 60 seconds to set up your security, backup, and missing device locator. The security feature will automatically scan each app you install, and do a weekly full scan of any app on your phone. Your data will be backed up daily or weekly. Retrieval is easy 24/7 at This is a great perk in the event that your phone is damaged and you need to replace it.
The missing device feature is the most valuable, enabling you to locate your phone on a map. Lookout will send a loud siren to your device, even if your phone is turned off. A misplaced phone can now be easily located.
Lookout has located fifteen million dollars worth of phones in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are headed out of Lamorinda, beware! Oakland is ranked as one of the top ten places in the United States to lose or have your phone stolen.
Currently, there are over ten million downloads for Lookout Security and Antivirus. I strongly recommend adding this app to your phone.

Eric Pawlakos is a senior at Miramonte High School and on-air reporter for the teen radio program, Express Yourself!

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