The App Rap: CamScanner
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By Alex Pawlakos
App: CamScanner, by IntSig Information Co., Ltd
For: All smartphones
Price: Free

CamScanner’s ability to turn your smartphone into a portable scanner is not only technologically impressive, it is also unbelievably handy. Using the camera in your phone, you simply take a picture of any paper document, typed or hand-written, and it is quickly scanned and downloaded into your phone. CamScanner automatically crops and enhances the image for easy reading. These documents are also stored in your phone with the ability to organize them for ease of accessing at a future time. With the touch of a button you convert the picture of the document to a PDF file which then can be sent to your email, faxed, or uploaded to the cloud. The real beauty of this app is the seemingly endless number of situations in which it can be used. For example, you could scan a menu in a restaurant, business cards at a conference, receipts for high priced purchases in case you lose them, or scan an article or recipe you read in a magazine while waiting at the dentist’s office. Scanning notes on a whiteboard might be very useful. You could even scan your medical documents and, if you are ever in the Emergency Room, email the documents right to the ER from your phone. The ability to send these scans as PDF files to any email address makes CamScanner a true ‘must have’ app.

Alex Pawlakos enjoys biking, weightlifting, and tutoring in his spare time. He is a reporter on Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio.

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