The App Rap: Bloomberg
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By Alex Pawlakos
App: Bloomberg, by Bloomberg Finance LP
For: All smartphones
Price: Free
by Alex Pawlakos

According to most financial professionals it is more important than ever to keep a close eye on one's investments. The investment landscape today is very difficult to navigate, especially considering that many safe income securities are yielding close to zero percent. For those investors who like to stay current with the information flow, Bloomberg's free app will definitely be of assistance. Bloomberg enables the user to access all the relevant financial news, economic statistics and equity quotes. This app is a convenient way to quickly check on interest rates, the bond and equity markets, and commodity markets (for example, gold and silver). Real-time stock quotes are provided on individual stocks and all the major indices, including international exchanges. If you have a stock portfolio you wish to follow, you can enter the individual securities into the 'stock' section of the app. You can also access charts of individual equities price movements and information, and news pertaining to a particular stock. Bloomberg provides top news stories that affect the financial markets. You can either scan the headlines or select an article to read more in-depth analysis. Stay current with the investment world with the useful Bloomberg app and hopefully, you'll be able to save and invest with confidence.

Alex Pawlakos is the on-air reporter for economics on  the teen radio program, Express Yourself!

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