A Prom Story
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By Courtney Cheng: March 2011
In the land of high school, where chivalry is mostly dead but relationships still bloom, prom probably ranks as the second-most anticipated event of each [female] student’s high school career.

As a current junior prepping for my own prom experience, I’ve encountered numerous (too many, in my opinion) issues revolving around this one night. It’s not about the dresses or the limos; it’s about the dates and the asking.

Almost every girl I know wants to go to prom with a date. No problem with that, expect for the fact that no one’s asked them. Two close friends of mine (both cute, talented, smart, and funny) are stuck in that dateless predicament.

I don’t mean to point fingers at anyone, but maybe sometimes, your “perfect date” is right in front of you. If you can’t go with your crush, then why not just go with a friend? Chances are, things will be less pressured at the actual event and you’ll both have more fun.

If you’re stuck trying to find the most romantic way to ask someone, keeping things simple often works best. Buy some flowers and ask in person when the right moment comes up.

Prom should be a fun night for everyone; it shouldn’t be something students stress out over for weeks in advance. What better way is there to spend this one night than with friends you love?

…but then again, I got asked to prom with a calculus puzzle from my 7th grade ex-boyfriend, who also happens to be one of my closest guy friends, so there is a high chance that I’m delusional.

…but after looking at my friend-match-making…maybe I’m not that bad.

Courtney Cheng is Star Teen Book Reviewer from Be The Star You Are! ® Charity in Moraga. She enjoys playing violin, writing poetry, and reading fictional novels.

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